Equality for Wedding Videographers!

Would you pay more for your wedding video(s) than you would for your wedding photos?

The reality is that photographers are on the top of the vendor search list while videography is usually added at the end if the budget allows or if otherwise convenient, i.e. your photographer just so happens to provide videography as well.

It’s pretty obvious that wedding videography is seen as less valuable.

I’M NOT SAYING A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS JOB IS EASY! It’s not…at all. And this is because society puts much more pressure on photographers. I feel that photographers are expected to make every photo perfect. Then, in reaction to that standard they are held to, they stress the whole wedding day.

BUT your wedding videographer is, usually, stressing just as much, with double the equipment load and double the work related stress (probably self-inflicted).

The least bit of equipment necessary for a decent wedding video (by my standards of course):

  • At least 2 cameras (usually, 1 videographer can man 2 cameras simultaneously.)
  • At least 2 tripods, one per camera. (shaky handheld camera footage isn’t the most appealing.)
  • Lighting + light stands (what is a “flash”)
  • Audio (ughh audio)
  • Memory cards (especially if you think you need 4k)

*tip: more videographers = more potential for creative shots & less potential for errors. (just sayin’)

The least bit of equipment necessary for decent wedding photography (by my standards of course) (Obviously the photo attached is a joke. I don’t have the appropriate equipment to make this photo)

  • Camera + Lenses
  • Flash
  • Bigger flash + Light stand.
  • Memory cards

*tip: Make your expectations clear to your photog.

Photography is a valued art form, which is why society will pay more for it than they will for videography despite the workload difference. Our society understands the process of photography. They know a photo is taken, and then edited. They know a photo can be photoshopped to crazy lengths.

The videography process is not widely understood. As we’ve learned, recently especially, when we don’t understand something we don’t acknowledge it.

I would say videographers are not acknowledged on wedding days but that’d be a lie.

Photographers acknowledge us when we get in their way or when we ask for a shot but they are ready to move on.

Wedding guests acknowledge us when our camera set up and tripods are “in the way”.

Wedding dj’s acknowledge us when we ask to plug into their sound system to record audio…and a lot of the time they don’t even know how to feed us audio. So does that mean they don’t care about working with us to help us accomplish our mission?

Photographers are more expensive because you’ll look to your photog to guide you on your wedding day.

Photographers are more expensive because society puts pressure on them and their process.

Photographers are more expensive because couples will often times forget about video, which is understandable…Most people are unaware of videographers needs on a wedding day.

I have no issue with society putting more value on photography.

My issue begins when…

Photographers propagate the idea that videographers should be staying out of their way.

Or the idea that videographers have it more “easy” because they’re expected to do whatever the photographer allows them time to do.

Because I’m over here struggling to set up tripods with cameras, balance a gimbal, light speeches in dark reception halls, then running over to the dj booth to check that there’s no audio interference, and making sure the other videographers I hired know where to stand and where to point the camera, ALL WHILE simultaneously doing my best not to infringe on a photographer’s space, and not overstepping my directing boundaries when I need to capture movement for the video. I am doing my best to make a video that against many odds, can still meet emotional expectations.

I guess what I’m trying to say is we both end up like the picture below.

Us creatives gotta stick together. Not passive-aggressively put up with each other.

I LOVE filming weddings. For me it’s not about equal pay.

But equal respect would be dope.

*Photographers, if I am wrong…lets discuss. Clearly, I’m well versed in Videography not Photography…I could stand to learn a thing or two.

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